About Me

    My name is Callie Ring, I am a 22 year old photographer. My love for the arts started at a young age. Growing up I always had a pencil, colored pencil, or a paint brush in hand. As time went on my love for the arts only grew! However something was missing. I had always wanted to get into photography, but I did not have a nice camera...so it must be impossible? right? I was wrong....

I continued to take creative shots on my phone and point and shot camera, but it was not until my husband of 2 years - called out my talent for photography, and bought me my first "proffesional camera." Little did I know I would invest so much time, money, and energy into this craft.

Photography is something that drives me. I love it, and I love all the people I meet along the way. Its natural for me, the camera is like an extension of my body at this point ( if that makes any sense lol )...photography is not a job to me, but a living dream that has come true.